Greetings players, it’s that time again! We are releasing a fresh batch of 22 of YOUR map submissions to the network!

Chunk Runner
Binary by StruckBloom6361
Boned by BaconusYum
Broken Clock by pcdaanjoepie
Choo-Choo by GoatZ
Deleting a World by pcdaanjoepie
Desert Temple by MCFilms
Destroy Cobblestone by BaconusYum
McDonalds by Gagen403 & SpicyBagles
Prismarine Shards by Th2Rokaz
Village by MCFilms
Warzone by daniel0607
Inner Troll by BaconusYum

Blast Off
Casino by Jayjo
Clazh of Clans by StrykerTX
Far Flung Island by ConnorMiner
Modern School by pcdaanjoepie
Wealthy Pirate Island by Hynra
Sea Battle by roninjinn & theJodru
The End Again by ThatGuyYoshi
Under the Sea by SilverNyan

Murder Mall by StrykerTX
The Alps by GoatZ, theJodru, EclipseX, & RelentlessMissfit

As always, you can check out these new maps live! We also plan another update for December, so be sure to start working on your map submissions!

People who contribute several high-quality submissions to either Murder, Blast Off, or MarioKart are eligible for the Builder rank as a thank-you for your efforts!

Thanks guys as always for all of your support! See you on the server!


Cosmetics is probably the most asked for feature on this server (besides new games)! We have some really cool stuff planned to thank those of you who donated to the server! :)

via NeoGames on Twitter

We have ideas in mind, but since this is all about the community: we want to hear what YOU want! Let us know what kind of cosmetic items you want in the network and what they do!

Also don’t forget that community Murder map submissions are open! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!



What’s up guys!
Today I am officially opening submissions for the Murder game!


The requirements are fairly specific, but for those of you who want to build reputation for Builder rank you know what to do! ;)

Read the requirements in the Template doc here!

Happy building!


The JayJo_
Most players on NeoGames know of the infamous JayJo_. He is one of the masters of Chunk Runner, and an overall great Minecrafter. He has built many maps for the server, and is now of the Builder rank. However, he is about to get a promotion…

Submissions Manager
Neo used to be in charge of all map submissions before he passed the director baton to me, Falcinspire. Once I learned of my duty as map reviewer, I began to, uh, review maps. However, I ended up becoming much more involved in the development side of the server, and I am sad to say that the amount of community maps I was able to look through was not high. Neo’s server is a community server, so that could not be allowed to happen.

That is where JayJo_ comes in. JayJo_ will review submitted maps and provide appropriate feedback. His job is to chat with and assist the active community of NeoGames regarding submissions - hence the name, “Submissions Manager”.

JayJo_ was offered this position because of his already high participation on both the forums and the server, along with his relationship with Neo (trust). With him deciding which Chunk Runner & Blast Off maps are accepted, we can begin adding as many as possible to the server once again.

I look forward to new progress!


Hey! @DeJay and I are have been around for awhile, we took over for @Ben (OutdatedVersion) and @Nokoa (Shahar)! We are in charge of: Making sure things work and making new things (it’s an infinite cycle!) Here’s what we’re doing soon:

  • Friend Commands
  • Making sure the servers stay fast!
  • Adding new gamemodes
  • Making new staff punish tools to ban the hackers!
  • Letting you partayyyy with your new friends in our AMAZING games!
  • AND, a new /report command (Coming Soon™)!

Of course we’re working on the beautiful and very hyped Donator perk, COSMETICS!!
Created by our fab new owner, @Falcinspire! (Buy those ranks now folks)

If you see @DeJay or I around the server, feel free to say hi, make sure you remember we are might be AFK working on or testing some new features.

~Your new devs

PS: We have a neat /bug command that lets us know when something breaks. Depending on the bug we’ll try to get back to you.

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