(Somewhat)New Devs

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    Hey! @DeJay and I are have been around for awhile, we took over for @Ben (OutdatedVersion) and @Nokoa (Shahar)! We are in charge of: Making sure things work and making new things (it’s an infinite cycle!) Here’s what we’re doing soon:

    • Friend Commands
    • Making sure the servers stay fast!
    • Adding new gamemodes
    • Making new staff punish tools to ban the hackers!
    • Letting you partayyyy with your new friends in our AMAZING games!
    • AND, a new /report command (Coming Soon™)!

    Of course we’re working on the beautiful and very hyped Donator perk, COSMETICS!!
    Created by our fab new owner, @Falcinspire! (Buy those ranks now folks)

    If you see @DeJay or I around the server, feel free to say hi, make sure you remember we are might be AFK working on or testing some new features.

    ~Your new devs

    PS: We have a neat /bug command that lets us know when something breaks. Depending on the bug we’ll try to get back to you.

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    Hey look, it’s me!

  • Hey look! It’s Me!

  • Hey look, it’s me!!

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