Introducing the Submissions Manager!

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    The JayJo_
    Most players on NeoGames know of the infamous JayJo_. He is one of the masters of Chunk Runner, and an overall great Minecrafter. He has built many maps for the server, and is now of the Builder rank. However, he is about to get a promotion…

    Submissions Manager
    Neo used to be in charge of all map submissions before he passed the director baton to me, Falcinspire. Once I learned of my duty as map reviewer, I began to, uh, review maps. However, I ended up becoming much more involved in the development side of the server, and I am sad to say that the amount of community maps I was able to look through was not high. Neo’s server is a community server, so that could not be allowed to happen.

    That is where JayJo_ comes in. JayJo_ will review submitted maps and provide appropriate feedback. His job is to chat with and assist the active community of NeoGames regarding submissions - hence the name, “Submissions Manager”.

    JayJo_ was offered this position because of his already high participation on both the forums and the server, along with his relationship with Neo (trust). With him deciding which Chunk Runner & Blast Off maps are accepted, we can begin adding as many as possible to the server once again.

    I look forward to new progress!

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    Yay! Can’t wait for new maps!

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    Yay, more maps :D

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