November Community Map Update!

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    Greetings players, it’s that time again! We are releasing a fresh batch of 22 of YOUR map submissions to the network!

    Chunk Runner
    Binary by StruckBloom6361
    Boned by BaconusYum
    Broken Clock by pcdaanjoepie
    Choo-Choo by GoatZ
    Deleting a World by pcdaanjoepie
    Desert Temple by MCFilms
    Destroy Cobblestone by BaconusYum
    McDonalds by Gagen403 & SpicyBagles
    Prismarine Shards by Th2Rokaz
    Village by MCFilms
    Warzone by daniel0607
    Inner Troll by BaconusYum

    Blast Off
    Casino by Jayjo
    Clazh of Clans by StrykerTX
    Far Flung Island by ConnorMiner
    Modern School by pcdaanjoepie
    Wealthy Pirate Island by Hynra
    Sea Battle by roninjinn & theJodru
    The End Again by ThatGuyYoshi
    Under the Sea by SilverNyan

    Murder Mall by StrykerTX
    The Alps by GoatZ, theJodru, EclipseX, & RelentlessMissfit

    As always, you can check out these new maps live! We also plan another update for December, so be sure to start working on your map submissions!

    People who contribute several high-quality submissions to either Murder, Blast Off, or MarioKart are eligible for the Builder rank as a thank-you for your efforts!

    Thanks guys as always for all of your support! See you on the server!

  • Congratulations to all! I hope they are nice maps! :ski:

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